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tv   wusa 9 News at 7pm  CBS  November 17, 2014 7:00pm-7:31pm EST

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chief meteorologist who says it's beginning to look a lot like january. >> dealing with intensely cold temperatures. >> it really is. if it were january, we would be saying it is cold air, let alone november standards. thankfully it's dropping slowly. the roads will have time to evaporate before they become frozen. we are okay in terms of black ice. temperatures, well above freezing. 51 downtown. mainly in the 40s. 46 in college park. and 45 in rockville. several hours before we have to worry about frozen temperatures. by 9:00, it's above freezing on the future cast. 39 manassas. 37 in leesburg. and gaithersburg and 42 downtown. even by 10:00, want to walk the dog, we're still above freezing. temperatures upper 30s in manassas. mid 30s north and west and around 40 inside the beltway. by 11:00, everybody goes into the 30s. notice we are still above freezing. so, it's going to get cold slowly, which is some consolation. fresh arctic air looking ahead to the coldest air of the
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season. the windchills will be in the teens. tuesday, high temperatures over 20 degrees below average. and low temperatures tomorrow night will be in the teens without the windchill in the suburbs. we'll come back and talk about how long it's going to stay cold and what is in store next week. >> well, it is what everyone is talking about, the weather. >> and a lot of strong opinions. debra alfarone got the metro area's take on the plummeting temperature. >> i'm debra alfarone in virginia where we took a tour of the dmv asking people that one burning question. fan of the cold or hater? >> no, i hate the cold. >> when windchills plummet, chili sales skyrocket. it's almost unanimous. cold stinks. >> well, i don't like freezing to death. >> i like the summertime. >> and now a different taste. >> being hot is being miserable. you can't get away from being hot. you can get away from being cold by putting on things.
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but you can't get away from the heat. >> next stop, prince georges county and college park bicycle. where the chili bowl is half empty. >> it's getting quiet, absolutely. we are definitely a seasonal business. >> last stop, roslynn, virginia, where i met two fair weather friends. >> i can do everything. i can do many things in winter. for example, i can go to ski, something like that. >> some other news we are following for you, he was a local hero. dr. martin salia died from ebola this morning at the university of nebraska's medical center. >> he was put on an emergency flight over the weekend where he was a surgeon. he spoke to his family and friends about the tragedy that hits too close to home. >> mourners gathered to remember ebola victim, dr. martin salia. >> such a good doctor.
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he was heading back home. we are so sad. >> dr. salia was a permanent u.s. resident with two sons and a wife here in maryland who spent much of his time in his native sierra leone performing surgeries. >> by the time you finish your training, you are at the hospital. >> other evacuees have been saved, he lasted only 36 hours. >> when he arrived to our hospital, he had no kidney function. he was working extremely hard to breathe. and we weren't able to get him through this. >> and here at this home today, is how he is being remembered. >> he died as a hero. >> scott broom, wusa9. >> and there is now a fifth suspect in custody for the murder of a student at woodbridge sr. high school.
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police arrested a murder murder of brenden wilson. wilson was shot along a path leading to the school. police say the suspects lured wilson there with a plan to rob him of marijuana. a witness tells wusa9 that another shooting left one teenager dead and another wounded. looked like a gun battle. it happened just after midnight sunday morning on a doorstep of a home on coat reasonable care keeting drive. a child was not able to spend the night. the witness says a man who died, chris weaver, who lived there, pulled the gun first before the bullets started flying. >> shot in the first two shot a different dude in the stomach. >> how many guns did you see? >> three. >> actually four. >> you saw four guns?
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and chris, the person who died, had one of the guns? who pulled it first, do you know? >> chris. >> chris pulled out the gun first. >> a 15-year-old was also hit and injured in that shooting. he is expected to recover. police made no arrests yet in the double shooting. >> police want university of maryland students too be extra cautious tonight because there's a random attacker still out there. police tell us this person tried to abduct a feel student with a knife early yesterday. it happened off campus around 6:00 a.m. sunday near the 4400 block of heartwic road. police say a man grabbed a female student by the neck and had a knife in his hand. that student was at her parked vehicle and was able to get away. police are now asking people in the area to report any suspicious activity. >> usually it happens in the party days, thursday to saturday you would suspect that. so i guess that part is surprising. and scary, really. >> now that attacker is
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described as a white man, approximately 6 feet tall and was last seen wearing a red flannel shirt or coat. campus police are reminding students of their 24 hour escort service. we're going to have all the links to the campus escort service on our new news app, so you can check it out there. >> jay nixon ordered an executive order. >> that is because a grand jury is expected to decide whether to indict a white police officer for shooting an unarmed black teen. how the community and the police are preparing. all right. some technical difficulties with the sound. but several churches in ferguson are planning prayer vigils, even medical care once that grand jury decision comes down. >> four months of a malaysia airlines flight went down. crews are finally collecting
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debris from the crash site investigation. but it is feared some of the debris has been removed by scavengers. all 298 people were killed when flight 17 fell out of the sky. up next, what happened when federal drug agents started snooping around several nfl locker rooms? >> and we'll tell you what caused a stretch of wisconsin avenue to be completely shut down today. i mean, it was a nasty traffic headache for a lot of peop
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if you're just getting home, here's a quick check of the headlines we are following. a suspicious package at the representative offices in tenly town let secret service close a good portion of wisconsin avenue this afternoon. it was closed from beasy streets. gave the all clear a couple hours later. >> the u.s. state department is stepping up security following a suspected hacking
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attempt. the department says unclassified e-mail systems were the only systems targeted and officials have not yet said who is behind it, but it could be related to the hacking of white house computers reported last month. >> people with claims against general motors will likely have some more time to file them. the deadline to submit a claim has been extended to january of next year. and more than 1800 claims have been filed. but there are more than 4 million of those vehicles out there connected to that problem. washington redskins licking their wounds after that embarrassing 27-10 loss against the tampa bay buccaneers. drops washington to a 3-7 record and has some people calling for rg3 to be benched. what the law some say has a teen hitting rock bottom. >> fans were complaining about the team's poor place yesterday. so we sent bruce johnson out to talk about what some fans might try to do to save this season.
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>> the alarm was sounding at rescue one and engine company 2. >> what did you think of that game yesterday? >> i was there. you don't want to know what i say about it. >> the emergency was how to get some help to a team, clearly on life support following yesterday's pounding by the tampa bay buccaneers. >> we don't seem to have a pass rush. >> unless we are blitzing, exactly. we have no secondary. i don't know. >> this fire house is home to the busiest rescue team in the nation's capital. if there's an emergency at the white house or the u.s. capital, this is the team of first responders to get the call. they point out, there apparently is no help for the 3- 7 home team. >> what's wrong with this team? >> it surprised me that they lost. they had a week off. it was tampa bay. >> a lot of questions on the streets of washington. is rg3 the answer at
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quarterback? doesn't look like. what about colt mccoy? where is pierre this season? don't know. why can't this team make halftime adjustments? >> rg, i don't think the team is rallying behind him at this point. it doesn't seem like the line is blocking. as a matter of fact, they didn't have a line yesterday. >> i think everybody thought once rg3 came back, he was going to take the ball and run. no pun intended, but he was going to carry everybody on his shoulders and he's not. >> after sunday's debockle, it was tough to bring up the super bowl teams of 1982, and '91. most fans here would be happy with just another division title like in 2012. when rg3 was a rookie. it was brought up today, he hasn't won a game since then. >> what do you do about the quarterback position? >> there's a reason i'm a firefighter and not a head coach of the nfl. >> bruce johnson, wusa9. >> next game, san francisco 49ers next sunday afternoon,
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4:25 here on wusa9. >> wow. federal drug enforcement agents are trying to figure out if teams are using prescription painkillers to improve their performance. >> three surprise inspections of team medical staffers. >> i'm bruce leshan at fedex field. >> we have more to come. >> after the buccaneers left the locker room, dea agents stopped their team doctor at bwi. senior law enforcement official say they are suspicious that nfl teams are giving players painkillers to keep them in the game in violation of the controlled substances act. the buccaneers pr team tweeted that authorities checked in with our travel party and after a five minute delay, we proceeded on to our plane without incident. former probowl center, jeremy newberry says the inspection is long overdue. >> they know there's a problem. i am sitting here with stage 3 kidney failure. >> in more than a decade as a pittsburgh steeler's team doc
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and medical director, robyn west, never saw that kind of abuse. >> as team physicians, we don't carry narcotics in our bag. we gives a prescription like we normally would for any patient. >> a dea spokesman says this investigation was triggered by a federal lawsuit filed by hundreds of players back in may, alleging the teams supplied them with powerful narcotic painkillers. bruce leshan, wusa9. >> you don't want to know how cold. >> topper is the bear of that bad news tonight, but, we're going to look ahead to the seven-day. hopefully some good news to come. we'll talk about that when we come back. but first, here's your chance to get $500 worth of groceries from giant foods to win the wusa9 thanksgiving grocery card give away. head on over to our facebook page, like it, fill out the entry form. good luck.
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always watching. always tracking. wusa9's first alert weather. >> keeping yourself warm over there. >> i'm thinking about these temperatures. >> we thought it was cold friday. it's going to be arctic air friday. this is taking a direct aim. we're looking at 30s. we haven't had back to back days since march. >> oh how nice. >> that said, technically the
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high will be the midnight temperature. if you're forecasting in a contest, you would go like 40 or 41, that would be the midnight temperature. but the temperature during the day will be in the 30s and 20s. relative humidity only 61%. the winds turned northwest. so, the cold air is on its way in. it's not going to rush in. it will be a gradual thing as we go through the next 8 to 12 hours. roads will not become slick. everything will have a chance to evaporate. bus stop temperatures, 24 to 30. but the windchills are going to be in the teens in the morning. so, i had that battle with the kids right now. and then windchills even in the afternoon will still be in the 20s. look at the arctic air. remember the arctic air last week? into portions of texas. now it's taking aim in the southeast. these are high temperatures tomorrow. below freezing in st. louis. only 21 chicago.
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only 16 in mieapolis. we'll be lucky to crack the freezing mark here in the metro area. that's pretty cold. even for january. okay. 10:00 tonight, temperatures still around 40 downtown. but mid to upper 30s in the suburbs. winds picking up. we'll have a windchill. by 10:00, it will feel like 28. by 6:00 a.m., it's going to be 28 downtown and mid 20s across the suburbs with windchills by then in the teens and by 12:00, 1:00, you're going to walk to lunch. bundle up. 33 downtown, and then the suburbs are still struggling to get above freezing. at least you are 35 in la plata and 32 in culpeper and manassas. by tomorrow night, perfect night to get really, really cold. dry air mass, and winds will subside. so, by 6:00 tomorrow, everybody will be in the 20s. that's pretty cold. i got to tell you, we're running 20 degrees below average. 7:30, about 24 hours from now, okay, mid 20s in the suburbs. upper 20s downtown.
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again, winds subsiding. winds by 10:00 tonight, could be gusting. these numbers are all gusts in miles an hour. you could have a gust to 21 miles an hour. maybe 26 in gaithersburg. by morning, winds gusting 20 to 25 and by noon, temperatures are still going to be in the 30s. you factor in this wind gust, that's going to drive windchills into the 20s. that's why it will be such a tough day. by 5:00, winds starting to die down a little bit to the contours begin to lift out. winds are able to gust to 20 miles an hour. by 10:00, we'll see them under 20. tonight, partial clearing, windy and cold. 24 to 30. winds west, northwest at 10 to 20 and a little bit gusty. by morning, partly cloudy, dress for the 20s. temperatures 24 to 32. and then by afternoon, highs will struggle to get to 35 with full sun. windchills holding in the 20s and dying a bit down west, northwest at 10 to 15. so the day planner looks like
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this. 27. these are downtown temperatures in the morning. 30 at 9:00. 33 at 11:00. and 33 at 1:00. now, next three days, still cold wednesday. upper 30s, that's it. average high is 58. we gain a little bit on thursday, 48. we lose some of those games on friday, back to 44. then we start going up. mid 50s on thursday. or friday rather. and then saturday and sunday, we go back to near 60 and next week, yeah, we have to put up with showers, but next week we could be in @ upper 60s and a reminder since it feels like winter, we'll have our winter outlook tonight. yeah, you remember 2009/2010, we will tell you on a map in detail the bands of snow. how much snow will fall during the winter. >> i'm excited. >> uh-huh. >> at 11:00. >> and you'll predict when the first snowfall is going to hit? >> interesting. >> an inch or more, yes. >> we have to get to the breaking news, because at around 6:30 p.m., united flight
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1564 took off from dulles headed to san francisco, but once up there, the pilot reported a mechanical problem. the plane came back to dulles and landed, but landed safely. once on the ground, the plane could not get off the runway, so the passengers are being taken off the plane using those mobile loungers. plane is being examined. runway one is closed. three other runways active. no
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it is interesting that our winter outlook is coincided with a winter outbreak. low to mid 30s tomorrow. that is straight temperatures. windchills teens and 20s all day tuesday. upper 30s on wednesday. upper 40s thursday. a little hickup on friday. back in the mid 40s and then pattern changes a bit. low 50s on saturday. 60 on sunday. with a few showers. that's not bad. and some showers on monday, but 68. how long is that going to go on? >> it will get cold again by thanksgiving. enjoy that respite. we appreciate it. that is our broadcast. we will be back at 11:00. >> make it a great night,
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bill cosby was confronted this weekend about allegations of rape. >> tonight we're with the reporter who dared to ask him about it and the new woman coming forward. >> being sexually violated. >> do you have any response to those charges? you're shaking your head no. i had to ask the question. >> the interview with his wife sitting right there beside him as more alleged victims emerge. >> and then beyonce in white at her sister's wedding. see who was dancing in the french quarter. >> and also, nearly one year later, paul walker's dad shares his memory. >> where's paul when i want to hug him? >> he got his blue eyes from you, didn't he, dad? >> he got his blue eyes from god. >> i want the money. >> he t waseahe rl deal. >> how lucky am i? >> plus, we're at the season's first awards show. >> i want to start my own award
7:30 pm
show, the benny. >> j. lo deserves a special honor. >> how to -- how to-you don't want to drain your drag owen. >> now, "entertainment tonight," we love entertaining people. >> bill cosby, dr. cosby, a comedy legend, the personification of family values, but now multiple allegations of rape. >> i mean, we're talking about a man who is a humanitarian, a staunch advocate of education. he's given millions of dollars to charities, but now you have to ask are these meaningless accusations or just the tip of a massive iceberg? cosby has cancelled talk show appearances and has refused to address the issues, and then this weekend a painful interview on npr with scott simon and that's where we begin tonight. >> these are very ugly charges. i think they rise to the level of public interest. they are not just personal matters, and, yes, i had to ask the question. this question gives me no pleasure, mr. cosby, but there have been serious allegations


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